M: Fallen Avatar
Posted by Sov on Oct 06, 2017
M: Maiden of Vigilance
Posted by Sov on Sep 29, 2017
M: Mistress Sassz'ine
Posted by Sov on Aug 31, 2017
M: Sisters of the Moon & Desolate Host
Posted by Sov on Jul 21, 2017
M: Inquisition and Harjatan
Posted by Aerivore on Jul 07, 2017

We've learned that Shadak doesn't know how to read or pronounce "Colicky", that Beneford doesn't play with his Red hues active at night (really helpful for seeing, you know, RED things).

10/10 M:NH; 7/7 M:EN; 3/3 M:ToV
Tues/Thurs 9pm-1am CST
Exceptional Players Considered
Skunkworks vs. Mythic Tichondrius - Rogue POV
Mythic Spellblade - Fire Mage PoV
Hello vs Orbs Ft. Skunkworks and Krosus
Skunkworks vs Chromatic Anomaly - Resto Shaman
Skunkworks - Mythic Skorpyron