Skunkworks Super Sale: Never Ending SoO Edition!
Posted by Infinitum on Sep 03, 2014
The end of the expansion is near and with it comes our Skunkworks Super Sale!

Are you a completionist or collector who wants to ensure you have a mount from Heroic Garrosh before the drop rate becomes 1% or less? Do you simply want to give your character a fashion makeover with heroic-only SoO gear?

well....Skunkworks is offering a limited number of Siege of Orgrimmar heroic runs to solve this problem for you. You will join our raid, hang out on Mumble, down the hardest content WoW has to offer, and walk away with the title, mount, and loot to show for it.

Note: All runs are done in 25-man, giving you a maximum chance to gear up. We raid between 9pm and 1 AM server time (7-11 PST, 10-2 EST), Tuesday and Thursday night.

To reserve your spot, register on our forums: and send me a PM. Alternately, drop me in-game email (Infinitum @ Stormreaver).

Current Package(s) available:

I Want to Wound that Orc and Get His Creepy Yet Cool Scorpion Mount! 200k
- 14/14 Hard Modes cleared
- Any equippable gear you can use (note: some Heroic-Warforged Items are reserved for our raiders)
- Hellscream's Downfall Title
- Kor'kron Juggernaut

FAQ (Only 1 Q/A this time around)

Q: Do I need to be geared, know the encounters, or be a particular class or spec?

Absolutely not. You can bring a naked, fresh 90 if you want. Alternately, you can bring a raiding main, and we'll be happy to do our best to talk you through our strategies for each fight so you can help your guild out with the experience you gain. You can join our Mumble, and discuss each encounter with us as we go through them. We'll regale you with stories of progression, and try to let you know what we tried that didn't work out, and our raiders will share the best tips and tricks we've come up with for each encounter.

Depending on how comfortable and skilled you are, you can either participate in the encounter to the best of your abilities, or opt to die at the start and just listen/watch the action. On encounters where a mistake can wipe the raid, then if you have wiped the raid already, we reserve the right to ask you to die at the start. (This is really only likely to apply on Heroic Garrosh, and then only if you can't move to the correct place when we call your name.)
Heroic: Garrosh Hellscream
Posted by Beru on Apr 11, 2014
The nerd screams were epic...and long overdue!

Heroic: Paragons of the Klaaxi
Posted by Beru on Feb 04, 2014
Insert image with Imagination. If you cross your eyes, look left, then right, then left again, it will appear! If that doesn't work, try the spoiler!

Ooops. Wrong picture!

There we go.

Heroic: Seigecrafter Blackfuse
Posted by Beru on Dec 29, 2013
Heroic: Thok
Posted by Beru on Nov 24, 2013
13/13H 25m Tier 15 (ToT)
Tues/Thurs 9pm-1am CST
Exceptional Players of All Classes
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Malkorok 25 player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Nazgrim 25 player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Ra-Den 25 player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Lei Shen 25 player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Dark Animus 25 Player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Durumu The Forgotten 25 player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Primordius 25 player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Iron Qon 25 player
[HD] Skunkworks vs. Heroic Ji-Kun 25 player