M: Eonar the Life-Binder
Posted by Sov on Dec 22, 2017
M: Antoran High Command & Portal Keeper Hasabel
Posted by Sov on Dec 20, 2017
M: Garothi Worldbreaker & Felhounds of Sargeras
Posted by Sov on Dec 13, 2017
M: Kil'jaeden
Posted by Sov on Nov 20, 2017

As anyone who has progressed on this boss knows KJ is an absolute monster, and downing him took hundreds of attempts and countless hours of work both in game and out. Unfortunately not everyone who worked hard on this boss was able to be in for the kill, and we feel they deserve credit as well. So with that said, thank you to Zaant, Rizz, Molybdenum, Bluddee, Rippon, Hottdotts, and Iryssa for the effort they put in to make this possible.
M: Fallen Avatar
Posted by Sov on Oct 06, 2017
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Skunkworks - Mythic Kin'garoth
Skunkworks - Mythic Imonar
Mythic Portal Keeper Hasabel - Frost Mage PoV
Skunkworks - Mythic Antoran High Command
Mythic Felhounds of Sargeras - Frost Mage PoV